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Journalism Scholarship Fund

Funding Goal For This Project is $50,000
20% Funded/$40,000 To Go

When you contribute to the Fourth Estate Journalism Scholarship fund, you strengthen the Fourth Estate’s mission and help remove financial barriers to for many dedicated and deserving students withing to study journalism. By reducing students debt burden, you also enable them to make the greatest contribution to society and focus their full attention on their journalism studies.

Your contribution enables today’s journalism students to become tomorrow’s journalism leaders.

Scholarship funds also provide a vital underpinning to the Fourth Estate’s role as a leader in journalism and news and is essential to our continued growth and reputation for journalistic excellence.

Each year the Fourth Estate seeks to provide thousands of dollars in scholarships to undergraduate and graduate journalism students through a competitive program whereby students are nominated by Fourth Estate members for consideration each January.

The Fourth Estate funds these scholarships through several methods and activities each year including through the generous contributions of Fourth Estate members and the general public.

The Fourth Estate, is a Delaware Public Benefit Corporation, contributions made by U.S. taxpayers are generally not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes, however please check with a tax professional to be sure.

All contributions will be gratefully acknowledged.

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