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Awesome Journalism Fund

Funding Goal For This Project is $12,000
25% Funded/$8,990 To Go

We give $1,000 micro-grants to awesome journalism projects that commit a crazy, brilliant, positive act of journalism in the public interest.

The Awesome Journalism Grant is available to anyone, anywhere, in any medium.

The definition of “awesome” is intentionally left vague and up to the imagination. It could mean making someone stop and think, or spreading information or something else — think social good, an informed society, and beyond!The grant has no strings attached (other than doing something awesome and making it freely and widely available). This is not a loan or an investment from the Fourth Estate or the Awesome Foundation, this is a grant and we do not claim any ownership or future claims on your idea, and we don’t want the funds repaid – ever.

We value action, detest bureaucracy and love awesomeness!The application takes 15 minutes or less. We select one application for the monthly grant. If your submission is not chosen for the month you are applying remember you can apply the following month. We have a few simple rules:

  1. The project must be attainable and completed within 3 months of the award.
  2. The grant money cannot be used for personal expenses or operating expenses for an established organization.
  3. The project must uphold the Fourth Estate’s principles, standards and practices of Truth, Transparency and Community.
  4. You agree that the results of the project will be sharable online under a free license, or otherwise be open and made freely and widely available. We will assist with this.

So…. If you have an idea for an AWESOME JOURNALISM grant then please fill out the Grant Application Form.

If you have a question about applying for an Awesome Journalism grant, becoming a trustee of Awesome Journalism, or anything else, please email us at [email protected].

Awesome Journalism is administered and partially underwritten by the Fourth Estate Public Benefit Corporation.